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ETATSU mini erp solution

ETATSU is a multi-user multi-department simultaneous login system to assist enterprises to record inventory and account booking. Management can handle thier business at any time, anywhere without interruption.

Any place any time

Still wondering how you can perform accounting at home while all your system installed at office server?

With as low as RM10.50 a year, you can have all these!

No worry on data loss due to virus attack or hardware failure. No need to perform tedious routine backu​ps.
Unlimited license and unlimited device. Maximum IT adaptation to maximise business efficiency and growth without worries.
Tired of dealing with slow PC? No worry as it work on any PC even on a phone.
Worry free as software is auto upgrade and update.

Everyone opinion with us

Its great to have this cloud system in helping me running my business. I can now check on numbers, invoicing and expenses when I am out as I do a lot of traveling. I can focus my effort in improving my business rather than no value activity like backup data and deal with hardware failure.

Chyselle Wong
Financial Director

How system cope with business growth

Account can be audited and processed without affecting business operation. Improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary communication time waste.
Accountants can log in to multiple companies to view and work at the same time.

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Pay as you use
Any time any where
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